Unnatural: Collective Resistance (Jacqueline Blanchard)

Jacqueline Blanchard

Jacqueline is an entrepreneur, artist and designer born and raised in Cape Breton. She has been a self-employed designer for 7 years and has recently reignited her art practice. Her work focuses on themes of emotional experiences, spirituality, wellness, nature and gathering. Her work is intended to provoke thinking differently and a collective oneness. She explores the mediums of drawing, painting, digital collage, and illustration.

Unnatural: Collective Resistance

Artist Project

Location: Eltuek Arts Centre

Unnatural: Collective Resistance’ is a series of drawings that explore the theme of resisting to ‘bloom’ or ‘emerge’ as a natural reaction to oppressive forces. Thoughts and worries were collected anonymously from the public and used in these pieces to demonstrate the collective resistance or anxiety that many people feel reemerging after many months of lockdowns and limited social contact. This is an interpretation of how our everyday worries, or more serious anxieties, around existing in an ongoing pandemic are a collective experience and not only individual, though isolation may leave us feeling otherwise.